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We are a leading software development company for the FinTech Industry

We are a subdivision of Kobkiat Global Ltd. We provide consultation, subject matter expertise, outsourcing and end-to-end solutions to FinTech startups, established enterprises and banks in regards to methodology, architecture, security, implementation, legal and regulatory frameworks and solutions development.

About us

With Kobkiat-it as your outsourcing and consultancy partner, you can concentrate on what you do best.

We allow you to be more flexible and manage your growth more effectively while we help solve your IT related business and capacity problems in a fast and discrete manner. Our in-house, international, and dedicated professionals operate at the highest effectiveness and quality and always strive to ensure that software makes your business processes easier while adhering to international legal and professional standards. We bring innovation at every step of the way and keep your ROI in mind with every decision we make.


We specialise in financial technology (FinTech) and banking software where discretion and security is a key cornerstone of our process.


We provide +20 years of experience with developing software using agile scrum and agile Nexus, giving you early, fully tested, deployment ready results.


Using continuous improvement, continuous integration and continuous deployment we can provide you with top of the line functionality at every step in the development life cycle.

Kobkiat-it - Your FinTech solutions partner.

We are a leading software development company for the FinTech industry with international and dedicated professionals that provide a wide range of professional services ranging from consultation to end-to-end banking solutions.


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